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“What could I have done my lord?” the man sounded haughty, too haughty, he lost a major battle to the republic, lost through sheer kriffing incompetence. Everything was in our favour, the location, the firepower, the manpower. He did not deserve a quick punishment, “a lot,” The Sith stated clenching his fist, before breaking through the pathetic mental barrier of this excuse for a man.

He was fully convinced he was safe, until he saw, something, a shadow in the corner of his eyes, but when he turned around, it was gone. “My lo…” he cut himself off, that wasn’t the Sith lord, that could hardly be called a thing, a construction of bones and skulls, fingers like lightsabers. He scrambled backwards, tripping over his own legs and continuing his crawl. Yet the creature didn’t follow, as screams filtered into his ears and the smell of burnt flesh forced its way into his nose.

The room was gone, a field of skulls, this couldn’t be real, yet here it was, in front of his very eyes, a field of, no, not skulls, he saw skin, faces, hundreds of thousands of them. He didn’t dare look down, the ground felt soft and made a sickening squelch as he walked, until he felt something make a popping noise. He muttered a prayer to whatever was out there, as he looked down, his boot firmly lodged in an eye socket of a face he didn’t even know, a small trickle of blood escaping the chamber that used to hold the eye. His breathing quickened, heart thumping in his chest as he forced down a scream. Then his vision changed again.

He saw death, not from a distance, but experienced every excruciating detail. Felt their pain as their skin burned up in explosions. Felt his throat constrict painfully and his lungs burn as he tries to take in air that wasn’t there. Felt the burn as he was pelted with plasma, cut down by lightsabers, flashes of blue, green, yellow, purple, all ending in blackness.

Then it all ended, he was back in the room where it started, except his lord still wasn’t there, but the  thing was, slowly advancing and he was forced back to the wall once more, pleading incoherent words, as blood, puss and whatever it was, started oozing from the creature, the sheer smell forcing his lunch to the back of his throat, before spilling over the floor, the burn was the worst, as he dry heaved for air. He was inhaling fire, as the creature stood there, seemingly smirking.

A desperate thought one he had no idea why he hadn’t thought of it before, he fumbled with the pistol at his belt, shooting at the creature, his aim unsteady, whatever headed in the vague direction of whatever the being was, was simply deflected. As the creature drew closer he brought the blaster to his head, smiling as tears streamed down his cheek, until he pulled the trigger.

“Failure,” the Pureblood snarled, picking the com-link from his belt, “sent in a clean-up,” he snapped, before turning the thing off, it proved a point to the rest of the moffs, they would learn what it meant to disappoint a Sith.


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Thanks for the :+devwatch: I really appreciate it :squee:
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I don't usually reply in the morning, my morning that is, which may still be late/early at night at where you are.
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Well...its 10:26 am where I am
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it's  16:30 now and I have school (and I will keep reffering to it like that.) at 9:00 so I don't have that much free time in the morning.
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Good morning, how are you?
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