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The Price of Incompetence :iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 1 0
Memoirs of a Dead Soldier
My body moved on its own, shambling forward at an external command, swinging the sword I had plunged myself on, that felt like ages ago, though it might have been a day, maybe a year, maybe month, like this it all felt the same.
I was once a loyal soldier in the armies of the empire, a zealous follower of Sigmar. All the crap I was fed since birth slowly eroded on the field of battle however, as I saw friends fall, lying dead in the field, those empty eyes staring up at the heavens, all just food for the ravens, while the generals and commanders hid behind lines of soldiers. It was a normal assignment, kill a necromancer, kill his creations, it was a routine thing, what we hadn’t expected was the massive beast build out of diseased flesh, barreling out of the rotten gate, followed by a hoard of skeletons from that same, decrepit, castle. I was assigned to the front lines that day, amongst the first to get smashed aside by the massive creature, dying from the internal injuries alm
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 1 0
RP Rules/Preferences.
These are in a random order, not going from most to least important and I do ad here to these myself.
1. If you want to drop an RP, or are simply not enjoying one of our RPs, please just say so and don't drop it without further word, I'll do the same. I want to put some more emphasis on this one, as it happens so much to me for some reason and it really pisses me off, I don't require much here, a simple "I'm busy" or "I've got some stuff going on" at least.
2. Give me something to work with, I don't need you to write me a novel, I hardly need you to write two sentences, all I need is something I can work with. Again, you can tell me when you feel I'm not doing my part either.
3. I don't require prefect English, but decent grammar and spelling would be appriciated. You can tell me when you find my replies unclear too.
4. Please tell me your limits, not an exact rule persay, but it would make all of this a lot easier for the both of us.
5. I don't do script form, my apologies, but I just
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 5 15
Star Wars OC: Zeke Longshot.
Name: Zeke Longshot.
Age: 25.
Gender: Male.
height: about 2 meters, give or take a few centimeters.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Blue gray.
Current weapons: Twin blasters and a sharp vibro knife.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter.
History: Born on some back water world in the Outer Rim, a lawless world where gangs and violence ruled. He made his first kill at the age of six, it was a small thing, a fight over some food, even then he always though, them, or me. at the age of twelve he started doing jobs for the gangs and kept doing merc work. At the age of fourteen he finaly had enough money he bought a small ship, which was little more than an upgraded escape pod. He crashed on Hutta, where he started the cycle all over again. People often looked at him strangely, but then again, a kid turned into the best hunter Available in a short year. After another few years of nothing but hunting for Hutts, he finally bought his own ship, he kept doing what suited him best for the right p
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 0 7
star wars slave RP
as the title would suggest this is a master/slave RP based within the star wars universe, now i'm going to need some basic info for this. also switching is possible
1 what race are you.
2 gender.
3 how i got you, or you me, based on preference.
4 the time line, (within the clone war, during the old republic, after the empire takes over, etc.)
5 what type you are, (have you been beaten into submission or is your spirit still strong, etc.)
6 how mature can it get?
7 (optional) a possible backstory and my profesion.
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 2 9
my very fucked up pirate crew by overlordevil my very fucked up pirate crew :iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 4 16
Mature content
What could have been :iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 1 0
clearing up a misconception about the overlord
the overlord you play in the game overlord is not the second or third overlord. the first overlord became the tower heart, then you had a few random people that didn't last very long. then a bunch of mery men (a.k.a. the hero's) go on their way to kill the current overlord and thereby making their friend the overlord because they placed him in a magic coffin that fixes wounds. now the big thing is is that your character is not the third overlord, he is the hundreth or so overlord
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 0 86
how to become a guard in skyrim (joke)
Kid: I want to be a guard when I grow up.
Guard: well kid you first have to become an adventurer.
Kid: I can do that.
Guard: then you  have to take an arrow to the knee and stand in the city saying to every adventurer, I used to be an adventurer just like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Kid: alright I will learn swordsmanship and become an adventurer, take an arrow to the knee and be like you.
Guard: let me guess someone stole you sweetroll?
Kid: someone did he looked like this, *describes the dovahkiin*
Guard: need something?
Kid: yes, someone stole my sweetroll.
Guard: need something?
Kid: *sigh and walks back home*
Guard: *looks at the screen* need something?
:iconoverlordevil:overlordevil 0 2


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Wheel of Spanking :iconskygaggedrim:skygaggedrim 59 20
Noise In The Basement by skygaggedrim Noise In The Basement :iconskygaggedrim:skygaggedrim 54 6 Front Row Experience by skygaggedrim Front Row Experience :iconskygaggedrim:skygaggedrim 35 13


I'm just a dude that's here for a variety of reasons.
Fuck it, I don't have a better term for it. I'm getting tired of role play in general and while I know the feeling will pass. I'm just no longer in the mood for it. Which I personally think is caused by the large number of people that appear to seemingly at random abandon a Role Play. I understand people aren't machines and whatnot and shit happens in real life (don't get me fucking started, we'll be here until tomorrow night.) But a notice or something would be nice. I don't handle sudden change well as it is. And people who you think you're having a decent time with, randomly fucking off and disappearing into the void is a little too sudden for my own liking.

I'm open to talking, as akward as it may go, given I have Asperger syndrome. 


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Ex-InvaderRaymond Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Aye, notes has been acting up for the past couple days, so I can't send a response to ya mate.
overlordevil Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Alright, thanks for the notice and I hope it gets fixed.
Ex-InvaderRaymond Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Yeah, no problem man. And me too; it's pretty annoying.
Animeria Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Hello there, I know it's Beene  while since we spoke...but may I ask if we can try to redo the Overwatch rp?  I actually have a idea that was very different form the original.  But if you need to have time, your welcome to have time to think about it, I'm just reading a book to pass the time
overlordevil Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
I'm willing to hear your idea, please shoot me note.
Animeria Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Well, the rp will be how the journal sai but in this, but this new revamp version, what if Kira Yukimura was a young 20 year old North American junker who not only gathers scraps and rebuild weapons but still had her powers in to fight and defend herself, I was working on trying to draw the junker outfit Kira will wear, but to this she also will be able to have her plans in thought while preparing for a battle with anyone or anything to get her chance of treasure.

Kira may not have robotically parts like Junkrat but her fighting skill is still up to the top while also being a healer and a fighter at the same time...even if defending those she has a liking to.
call-me-funky Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for fav^^
Egoak Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+devwatch: I really appreciate it :squee:
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